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    This whole Slane girl thing is really wrecking my tits. People need to stop sharing around those photos publicly and writing up awful comments and snide statuses. And people claiming that it’s not cyber bullying because it was her own fault and shouldn’t have done what she did. It is still cyber…

    Completey agree, the irony being in talking about it we are as well spreading what happened :/ However shit like this can destroy a person and its not just a picture on the net to someone is their life with real consequences everyone cop the fuck on 

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    My wife got sick. She was constantly nervous because of problems at work, personal life, her failures and children. She lost 30 pounds and weighted about 90 pounds. She got very skinny and was constantly crying. She was not a happy woman. She had suffered from continuing headaches, heart pain and jammed nerves in her back and ribs. She did not sleep well, falling asleep only in the mornings and got tired very quickly during the day. Our relationship was on the verge of a break up. Her beauty was leaving her somewhere, she had bags under her eyes, she was poking her head, and stopped taking care of herself. She refused to shoot the films and rejected any role. I lost hope and thought that we’ll get divorced soon… But then I decided to act. After all I’ve got the most beautiful woman on earth. She is the idol of more than half of men and women on earth, and I was the one allowed to fall asleep next to her and to hug her. I began to shower her with flowers, kisses and compliments. I surprised and pleased her every minute. I gave her a lot of gifts and lived just for her. I spoke in public only about her. I incorporated all themes in her direction. I praised her in front of her own and our mutual friends. You won’t believe it, but she blossomed. She became better. She gained weight, was no longer nervous and loved me even more than ever. I had no clue that she CAN love that much.

    And then I realized one thing: the woman is the reflection of her man.

    If you love her to the point of madness, she will become it.

    Literally crying at this it’s so beautiful 

    Yup, crying.


  5. A while ago I used to talk to the same people everyday and I made such an effort with them but then I kinda …copped on 

    I stopped texting etc to see if they would make any effort  to recipricate, and they didnt 

    The friendship was created by me and ended when I put it in their hands

    Made me realise some people may be my friends but clearly Im not theirs, or if thats how they treat their mates then maybe I done want to be one .

    Feel like shit but these things happen, people change, you move on .


  6. "I will not forget you, though. I don’t think that you particularly deserve my memory, nor do I flatter myself into believing that you return my sense of vague wistfulness. There is no part of me that wants to return to the limbo I existed in for so long, or even the often-imagined parallel universe in which you reciprocated my feelings to the letter. I do, however, want to remember what it feels like to be hurt, to want, to need something so desperately only to find out that your life is perfectly fine without it. As much as the little scar on my knee will always remind me to watch out when I am running, yours on my heart will teach me to be kind. Because I know what it feels like to be cast aside with indifference, and I know that it’s a pain from which the body itself takes a long time to recover. You will live in my mind as a cautionary tale, a fable of how much damage words can do — especially when they are insincere. And though I am not nostalgic for what we did have, I am hopeful about life being filled with everything we didn’t."
    — Chelsea Fagan, I Will Not Forget You (via mermaidporn)

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  7. Best drink ever !! #IAmSuperwoman #energy #drink


  8. Anonymous said: What are you most grateful for?

    My mom shes seen me go through some fierce stages and still loves me …deep down lol

    My brothers!! They really are the best and fuck Im so grateful for them , theyll give me anything without question and are so protective and understand me so well 

    Sam . Sams my oldest friend. Hes seen me go through so many friends, boyfriends etc and hes always , always been there for me. Even when he shouldnt have been and when I was just a insensitive dick to him, hes always been there for me. I recently lost what I thought were my best friends and hes still here . I couldnt ever imagine not having him in my life he is just such a fucking good person 


  9. Anonymous said: have you ever sen anyone mean anons?


    I get them constantly though always going on about the fact that Im fat ugly etc Generally I just say fuck it and shrug it off , but sometimes when Im down, and I read that …it gets to me and makes me really sad. I dont think people realise how much of a selfish act being mean is , and  I just couldnt do that to someone

  10. If you’re in Ireland and of you don’t have work today you must do as I did : get the fuck up get into the fucking sun ,fuck trying to match clothes THERE’S NO TIME FOR THAT ! #tan #skankyInstagramPicture

  11. Ballet legs = extremely developed thigh muscles #ballet #IIsOneStrongMotherFucker#WellGonnaTakeOnABear #bendy


  12. news

    Guess i better post some shit about whats going on 

    • Im not dead for those who asked
    • Contract has been upgraded , delighted
    • 3rd year psychology BOOM BAYBAY
    • New house
    • New love
    • New tattoos 
    • New friends

    aaaaaaaaaaaand i think thats about it , my life is not interesting enough to make this any longer

  13. Weeks of not wearing contact lenses my eyes are getting back in shape #natural #green #brown #eye


  14. Anonymous said: I guess its time to move to ireland and become your best friend then.

    lol off ya go


  15. Anonymous said: Is the other blog just for good friends?

    pretty much its for people who actually know me